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Our History


   The Robcan Group concept began in 1975 under the name Robinson Educational Consulting. The core services at that time were workshops, seminars and college / university contract training. The business grew at a slow but steady pace over the next eight years. When demand increased, the need arose for a broader perspective and a more in-depth approach. 
   The Robcan Group started in 1983. This innovative training, consulting and human resource development company is recognized for its ability to be responsive to diverse and multiple client needs. The Robcan Group is made up of training and development consultants who work closely with our clients to address organizational issues and challenges in positive and constructive ways. 
   Our company is able to follow a comprehensive approach to the provision of consulting services. We complete full training needs analysis and work-specific problem assessment. We design and develop strategic work plans, budgets, objectives, goals and outcome determination. We initiate, implement, evaluate and provide documentation as required. We design, develop and deliver training programs. We facilitate teambuilding and work skills development and provide conference presentations to diverse audiences. We work at the community level to address program needs in recreation, sport and culture. We support communities to engage and facilitate volunteers. 
   We consider ourselves to be specialists in the field of “people skills”. We provide services in conflict resolution, negotiation of agreements, program and project management, evaluation, critical analysis, training and staff development, design of curriculum and program plans, conference presentations, writing, editing and proofreading. We also offer proposal research, development of policies and procedures, mediation services and community development services. We have also developed comprehensive online curriculum development followed by online course facilitation using a variety of formats. 
   The Robcan Group has continued to grow and expand and enhance our services for our client list. We have clients across Canada and provide services to business, industry, government and communities. Our business involves approximately one third consulting, one third training and one third project management. We challenge ourselves and our clients to be innovative, creative, collaborative, co-operative and communication focused and directed. 
   Our conference presentations and training introduce us to a huge network of clients. Our reputation for being fast paced, dynamic, informative and interactive has provided us with a core client list which leads to other services and projects. 
Our books and audio are always in high demand following our workshops and conference presentations. We are constantly marketing to extend this element of our service to a greater audience. We are presently developing videos and podcasts to complement and supplement information sharing and opportunity for follow-up.
   We are proud of our success and excited about our growth and ongoing enthusiasm for training and consulting. We continue to be progressive, proactive and positive in our approach and our philosophy. 

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